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I have recently opened a shop Petite Petal located in downtown Campbell, California.  Please note that Huckleberry Karen Designs and Petite Petal is one entity.

Huckleberry Karen Designs (HKD) and Petite Petal is a full-service floral company specializing in weddings and special events. Our creative, collaborative approach takes each client’s individual style and personality into consideration, helping you translate your vision into reality with exceptional attention to detail. We are committed to making the experience of floral design warm and fun from start to finish, and providing outstanding service so your special day is memorable and personal for both you and your guests.

We are located in Campbell, California and serve clients in the greater Bay Area, including San Francisco, Napa Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey.

All of our floral pieces are custom designed to suit your specific style and preferences.  Every event we undertake is unique and we price each event on an individual basis after meeting you for an initial consultation.  Following our consultation you will receive a detailed proposal outlining the prices and descriptions for all of your flowers and decor.  We currently have a $2,000 minimum for delivery and installation.  If your event does not meet the minimum, we do offer the option for clients to pick up their flowers at our shop in Campbell, California. You may find more information on the shop Petite Petal HERE.


How did you choose your business name?  This is a question I get asked a lot.  The short answer is that it was a high school nickname.  Imagine a gaggle of teenage girls being silly and required to read Huckleberry Finn in English class.  And there you go – I somehow ended up with the nickname Huckleberry Karen.  If you want the long answer, then you’ll have to come and meet me in person.  It’s just too much to write.



I spend my wedding free weekends with my husband and two kids.  Some of our favorite things to do are visiting the Campbell’s Farmer’s Market on Sundays,  have picnics at the park,  and searching for the best cement slide in the Bay Area (which happens to be Seward Slides in San Francisco). Sometimes we have a dance party at night (where we turn off the lights and rock out).  If we really want to go crazy, we bust out the glow sticks and have a mini rave.

I make the best chocolate chip cookies and love baked potatoes. I play tennis whenever I get the chance, and I enjoy taking naps. I love trying new things and the sound of my kids giggling and splashing in the tub.  I prefer sandy beach vacations where I can lay by the ocean and sip a pina colada.  I detest mosquitoes and when I retire one day, my dream is to move to Las Vegas and become a professional blackjack dealer.  I know, I have amazing aspirations.

And if this is not enough information for you –  and curious about how I got started, you can read more about my journey here.

The Huckleberry Family

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