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So when was the last time you planned an event for 125 guests where you fed them dinner and decided where they sat?  Planning a wedding or a large event is a full-time job.  There are a lot of details to consider and it can get overwhelming.  Many of our clients have never planned large-scale events and simply don’t know what wedding flowers and decor should cost until they start talking to florists.

A good way to get a general budget together is to allot 8-10% of your overall budget for floral décor.   But of course other factors come into play, like how large your bridal party is, the estimated number of guests and your ceremony decor needs. Keep in mind that floral decor does not mean just flowers; it could also include decorative elements like candles, votives, hand made items and specialty vases.

At HKD we know that every event has different floral needs and we are committed to working with our clients from beginning to end to customize every detail.  We recommend scheduling a free consultation 6-10 months in advance of your event to receive a custom proposal.


Many people want to know how pricing works.  At HKD, we don’t have price lists or packages.  It would be very difficult for us to give you any information on pricing without knowing the details of your wedding.   Most retail florists price items by calculating the cost of the materials and then marking up those costs to determine the price of the final product. This is often why resources suggest ways to cut costs by using more affordable flowers, seasonal flowers or fewer flowers.

At HKD, we work a bit differently. We are designers first and believe that our real product is our creativity. To determine the cost of an event, we start by figuring out how much labor, time and effort it will take. The materials (flowers, containers, and floral supplies) factor in as well, but not as much as you might think. You will find that our prices are comparable to local retail florists with a storefront. The advantage of working with HKD is that we focus exclusively on weddings and events, so we can offer levels of design and service that retail florists cannot.


To start the process of receiving a quote, please contact us via email or my contact form and give us all the juicy details of your wedding.  Don’t hold anything back!  The more you tell and show us, the better idea we have of what you are envisioning for your wedding day.  From there, we set up a consultation to go over the specifics.  This is when the fun begins! We will discuss your floral needs, likes, and dislikes, look through images from magazines and websites, as well as HKD’s portfolio; and then brainstorm ideas.  It is a collaborative process where you give us your ideas, we make suggestions, and we create a plan together.  After the consultation, we will send you a more detailed proposal.  We do work at a first-come, first-basis but we always give clients a heads up if their event date is being looked at by another couple.

HKD currently requires a minimum of $2,000 for delivery and installation.  For local weddings that do not meet the minimum, there is the option for clients to come and pick up flowers located at HKD’s Campbell studio based on availability.  Please contact us and check on availability – we would love to hear from you!